Plant Care

Congratulations on your brand new tropical plant or cutting. Now the time has come to take care of this precious creature. Tropical plants can be hard to care for in a cold climate. A tropical plant loves a warm, humid environment with good airflow. The risk in a colder climate is the overwatering of a plant, since there is not enough heat to evaporate the excess water.

Ten Basic Plant Care Tips

  1. Do not overwater your plant, less is more. Only water the plant when the soil is dry to the touch
  2. The best lighting situation: a bright place, with no direct sunlight
  3. Use tropical plant soil, a mix of coco coir, peat moss, perlite or vermiculite will do best
  4. Control the air flow. Do not put your plant in walkways, close to a window or door that opens frequently
  5. Once you found the perfect spot, place the plant and leave it there. Don’t change spots.
  6. Gently dust of the leaves from time to time
  7. Spray water on the leaves with a vaporizer two times a week
  8. Keep the temperature right. The ideal temperature will be around 20°C (68°F)
  9. Fertilize during spring and summer, maximum two times a month.
  10. If replanting, choose a pot that is 2″ (5cm) larger in circumference than the pot it is in currently

Bonus Tip

Give your plant love and attention and it will grow


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